"never be afraid to reveal your leopard spots and prance about like a peacock; nothing is more exotic than knowing yourself."
- yours truly.

Christin, 28, nutrition&nursing school student by day, mental health specialist by night. Hybrid runner & gym rat. Broken ears, flying hands. In love with a green-eyed, 5'8 pile of Irish hotness and fiery-red temperability (AKA) Shane, a tattooist/motorcycle mechanic in the making and proud mama to Zoe (rest in peace, ladybug), Roo & Toby. Bride-to-be. Food enthusiast with a strong nose for herbs & spices, healthy recipes always a bonus. Growing an eye for fashion & tattoos. I love wooden jewelry, fostering a growing fascination with botany and dream of living in the desert with a greenhouse. Steel Magnolia by birth and breeding. Oregonian by heart; constant environmentalist. Once aspired to be an English professor, so my heart still thumps whenever I come across great literature, and am an avid reader. Enjoying this little crazy, sweet life I've got. I'll post morsels I feel evoke positivity, deep thoughts or however it is I feel in that very moment.

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