"never be afraid to reveal your leopard spots and prance about like a peacock; nothing is more exotic than knowing yourself."
- yours truly.

Christin, 28, nutrition&nursing school student by day, mental health specialist by night. Hybrid runner & gym rat. Broken ears, flying hands. In love with a green-eyed, 5'8 pile of Irish hotness and fiery-red temperability (AKA) Shane, a tattooist/motorcycle mechanic in the making and proud mama to Zoe (rest in peace, ladybug), Roo & Toby. Bride-to-be. Food enthusiast with a strong nose for herbs & spices, healthy recipes always a bonus. Growing an eye for fashion & tattoos. I love wooden jewelry, fostering a growing fascination with botany and dream of living in the desert with a greenhouse. Steel Magnolia by birth and breeding. Oregonian by heart; constant environmentalist. Once aspired to be an English professor, so my heart still thumps whenever I come across great literature, and am an avid reader. Enjoying this little crazy, sweet life I've got. I'll post morsels I feel evoke positivity, deep thoughts or however it is I feel in that very moment.

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I made a little comic which I’ll post soon… in the mean time here’s a quick gif of it.
« that girl, too. »

Having a baby is an incredible normalizer, no joke. I absolutely love my baby girl. Oh yes! I gave birth on November 1st to a gorgeous little thing. Born 5 pounds, 13 ounces. She’s a scrappy little thing and makes the most adorable faces. Most interactive baby I’ve ever met, bar none!

She’s got Zoe’s gorgeous skin but she’s all Shane. She sleeps the way he does, moves the way he does and has his ears and nose. She’s only got my eyes and lips, but it barely even mutes Shane’s genetic presence on her face.

I love smelling her hair and her skin, because it’s such a distinct smell I can’t tear myself away from her. She’s such a patient little thing too - so, so glad she’s my kid.

she’s coming around the mountain.

It’s just hit me I’m 39 weeks today and I am only 7 days away from my due date. I’m not holding my breath though; Zoe was over two weeks late and if I hadn’t given birth on that Saturday, I would have been 43 weeks that Sunday. So I’m betting Roo will be born on the 2nd or 3rd of November, given the doctors here seem to be far more viligant and by-the-book when it comes to prenatal care.

Shane and I are undecided on what to name her since we keep going back and forth between names, so we decided we’d just wait until we saw her precious face!

Just a week until we meet Zoe’s gift. I will always miss my girl, but I’ll always be more than thankful that the little one is being watched upon by her big sister.

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I got you.


Black proverb. I am taking your needs in consideration, or your needs are being taken care of. (via american-pakistanian)

Loki calms the fuck down when Amber says this to him.

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Shane says this to me all the time.

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Shane and I for the past few days. I’m officially five months pregnant and counting. Sometimes I can’t believe my luck.
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The only one you need in your life is that person who shows you he needs you in his.

- Oscar Wilde (via rainydaysandblankets)

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So I think I can finally say it now, especially after such an exciting and tear-jerking moment yesterday at the doctor: I’M PREGGERS. :)

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my beauty.
the moment he knew.

Aww. My fiance just wrote this about me. I actually couldn’t stop kissing him afterwards. It was a response to a question about dreams. Here it is:


1. Well, I’m not very good with remembering dreams, but one does stand out. When I was living in New York, I was mugged and stabbed just behind my ear. Thankfully there were no deep lacerations, but I definitely had nightmares after the stabbing. I’d often wake up and end up backing away, as though I was trying to avoid the guy who stabbed me in my sleep, and it impacted my sleep so bad that I began sleepwalking at an alarming rate and my partner once tried to wake me up and I nearly punched her. She thankfully ducked in time (so grateful she grew up with miltary parents), and shook me awake. She made me tell her, and because of that, I remember it.

This dream, I had a snake going into my ear and I kept trying to avoid it and the more I tried to avoid it, the bigger it got, and it eventually wrapped itself around my neck, only to end up with its tongue deep into my ear. So I ended up becoming suffocated and had the snake’s tongue deep in my ear and I freaked out when my partner woke me up.

She’s a whiz at dream interpretations, so she told me that this experience was obviously suffocating me, and I felt as though that I would never be able to shake the trauma of this incident. She was spot-on, but I went ahead and researched what snakes usually represent in a dream: it seems that snakes represent a desire for wisdom or the fear of what may be left behind. It does make a lot of sense. (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/07/13/dreams-about-snakes_n_892254.html)

When I was stabbed, it was my partner who found me and called the ambulance. I remembered looking at her as she struggled to keep her wits about her, her hands covered with my blood and seeing her harden and go into action (she’s training to be a nurse) and I realized then I wasn’t scared of dying, but I was scared of leaving her behind.

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